Episode 049 – Spoiling Korra #6

Spoilers everywhere for Legend of Korra 209 – The Guide

This week it’s a big YAY for Jinora and the Dragonfly Bunnies (which is my new Jem and the Holograms cover band) and BOO for literally everyone and everything in Republic City. We also learn from this episode of Korra that dads are almost universally callous to the needs of their children, and there are scary things in vaginas…children’s television, folks!

While we remain interested in where Korra is going, we’ve had to temper our (admittedly very high) expectations for this show. But at least it’s still gorgeous to look at!

Hosts: Allegra, Kevin, Miles

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Episode 048 – Spoiling Korra #5

Legend of Korra episodes 207 & 208 (Beginnings 1 & 2) thoroughly spoiled in the below!

A brief talk this week, covering Korra’s big two-parter (which, incidentally, had very little of Korra in it). We were pretty pleased with this episode, from the gorgeous animation to the interesting advancement of the metaplot. After our frustration with some of the choices of the last few episodes, Beginnings 1 & 2 were a refreshing change.

Oh, and we also trash talk Shyamalan’s Airbender a little, cause why not.

Hosts: Ahva, Allegra, Kevin, Miles

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Episode 47 – Spoiling Korra #4

Legend of Korra 206 – The Sting is thoroughly spoiled here

Asami nooooo! This week sees us bemoaning the waste of one of our favorite characters in the most recent installment of Korra.

There were a few nice bits in this episode, especially the further development of this season’s villains, but there were a lot of problems – including the poor representations of women, continuing issues with plot-sprawl, and unnecessary kisses that ranged from disappointing to boundary-violating and gross.

Hosts: Ahva, Allegra, Kevin, Miles

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Episode 046 – Spoiling Korra #3

Spoilers ahead for Legend of Korra 205: Peacekeepers

The Korra chat gains another voice this week as Allegra from the Walking Eye joins Kevin (also of Walking Eye fame) and regular old Miles for a discussion of Legend of Korra’s 4th episode.

We talk some about how Verrick is the new villain that the show is telegraphing, the show’s struggles with pacing and delivering coherent messages, and some of the problematic ways the show has presented romantic relationships so far. We also agree that – even if they get some things wrong – shows like Korra that address young audiences with honesty and intelligence are important!

Notes & Links:

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Episode 045 – A Con We Went To (& Why We’re Not Going Back)

In this episode we talk a bunch about the beautiful things we saw at this big gaming con we went to at the end of August, and which we’ve attended for many times. Unfortunately, the events of this year (both at and away from the con) have soured us on the whole enterprise, such that we are totally done.

Nonetheless, it was a very big con, and so naturally we saw many wonderful things, met awesome people, and played a ton of games. This episode is, largely, our highlight reel – we gush about all the fun we had. With some liberal griping mixed in. Which is pretty much our trademark format.

Also here: a little chat about haunted houses (the kind sponsored by local radio stations), some new TV we’ve been watching, and no small amount of bullshitting.

Hosts: River, David, Kaycee, Miles

Links you don’t need:

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Episode 044 – Spoiling Korra #2

Spoilers for Legend of Korra 204 – Civil Wars Pt. 2 are all over this thing.

For this week’s Korra talk Miles is joined by the brilliant Kevin Weiser from the award-winning Walking Eye Podcast. Kevin is a fair sight more critical of the show than David and Miles were on last week’s cast – which is helpful, as Civil Wars Pt. 2 had no small share of problems to examine. 

We talk a lot about Legend of Korra’s handling of women as it compares to Last Airbender, and speculate on where the show’s big story lines and metaphors are going (meta-spoiler: the answer may be “nowhere”). Kevin puts it aptly – Legend of Korra is ON NOTICE.

Hosts: Miles, Kevin, (very briefly) Ahva

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Episode 043 – Spoiling Korra (#1?)


Here’s a new thing – not the fact that certain parties on the Self-Critical Hits cast are deeply obsessed with Nickolodeon’s Avatar franchise, that shit’s old news. What’s new is that we’re going to let that obsession bubble forth on the internets! Starting from here and continuing until we’re tired, Self-Critical Hits will post a reaction/discussion/speculation episode following each new episode of Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits.

This episode features Miles and David the Panther (his Pro Bending nickname) talking through the themes that have emerged so far through the first 3 episodes of this new season (Rebel Spirit, The Southern Lights, Civil Wars, Part 1), and then speculating wildly about what that dick Unalaq is really up to (cause, seriously, it’s gotta be real bad!).

Also mentioned here: Max Hervieux’s really hot looking Avatar World, a Powered by the Apocalypse game that does what you think, with a lot of cleverness and obvious love for the subject matter – it’s free here. (Get it!)

Hosts: Miles, David

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Episode 042 – Life on Mars with Ross Cowman

A brief chat this week with game designer, Olympian, and awesomely beautiful man Ross Cowman. The main thing here is his currently-Kickstartable story game Life on Mars – we talk about what play his like and how the game works to evoke the sense of a long journey to an unknown place.

Additional bits follow, including: some discussion of Heavy Water, the post-apocalyptic game (about feelings and relationships, naturally) that Ross is currently working on, and hopeful noises about the future of the great Fabricated Realities gaming con / art show.

Hosts: Ross, Miles

Notes + Links:

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Episode 041 – Panther Hate Movie(s)!

A quick follow-up episode, with some SPOILERific analysis of World War Z (Again? YES BECAUSE WE ARE AAAAAANGRY!), Man of Steel, and Iron Man 3. While none of these films gets a glowing review, exactly, there is some interesting discussion of each.

Other bits include: Miles lusting after a custom printed copy of the 1979 Dune board game; David and Kaycee copping to cheating at Pandemic; some love for the Raygun Lounge; and some nostalgia for the old Wizards of the Coast game center.

Hosts: Kaycee, David, Miles

Notes + Links:

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Episode 040 – Go Play NW + Zombies + Creeps

It’s summer, and the lush aroma of fresh game is on the breeze, signalling that it is time once again for our annual Go Play NW gushathon. Miles attended this year and played many amazing things with fascinating and wonderful people. It involved lots of feelings, some of which he shares. The rest will cost you.

Ken and Tanya then share informed opinions on their recent viewing of World War Z (rather than the rank speculation we featured last episode). Fortunately, we were correct in our low expectations for the film – both our reviewers were disappointed and en(nerd)raged.

Finishing off this episode is a quick bringing-up-to-speed on the “Grope Crew” garbage that surfaced at AKON last month, and a little talk around how the Equestria Girls spinoff (and the sexualization of MLP in general) squicks Miles the fuck out. Again, very fortunately, we decide that know one needs to be fed to the Rancor…yet.

Hosts: Ken, River, Tanya, Miles

Notes + Links:

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