Episode 028 – Dog Eat Dog Actual Play + Tobin’s Instant Indian Food Review

WARNING: There is potentially triggering stuff in this episode – specifically, the aftermath of a rape and murder. If this bugs you, we’re totally sorry – we didn’t really know it was going to happen until it happened.

Instant curry IS thematically significant

A special actual play episode this time, featuring the very awesome Dog Eat Dog by Mr. Liam Burke (and special thanks to him, for making the game available to us prior to publication!). Dog Eat Dog is a game about colonialism and assimilation, which teaches some powerful sociological lessons while being a whole bunch of fun. Find out more about it here!

Horrible crimes aside, we sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this short session of this excellent game. More than anything Dog Eat Dog left us wanting to play it more – after seeing how the player-developed traits and rules pushed play, we’re all keen to try and create an even more ready-to-blow situation.

Also mentioned in this episode, briefly, is an experimental game by Joe McDaldno which is inspired by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This may be a secret, so keep it under your hat.

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